sometimes I close my eyes and pretend I am Soraka

used to luckily get Nidalee playing ARAM on the Proving Grounds when I’d play with a bunch of friends and stuff but I’m loving that ARAM is actually a game type now.

After gettting randomed Udyr (ew) I luckily re-rolled Nidalee on The Howling Abyss much to my boyfriends distaste ahahah

absolute scum on one laned maps. I think certain champs shouldn’t be able to be randomed (Lux, Ez, Nid, namely) u feelin me

A 20 minute surrender… This is Twitch/Raka everyone. Ahahah. Dat poor Vayne/Lux.

just played the most hectic lol game

like my heart is racing

so much adrenaline ahahahah

I was stuck top so I went Teemo and I laned against a Teemo right and it’s Teemo freeweek so I’m like pffff this’ll be easy

I had more magic resist than him AND more ability power, but somehow he was doing about the same damage as I was which was pissing me the fuck off, so I got a negatron cloak and coming back into lane I walked straight up to him put a blind on him with a few auto attacks and he was on less than 100 health (probs like level 5 so I had 3 points in blind) (then mid game I realised he was copying my build  (ʘ‿ʘ)

anyway I was doing shit in lane ahaha I’m so ashamed but I think I was like 1-4 when I left lane. I was negative until it started to get into team fights and I think I was like 7-6 at some stage and by the end of the game I ended up 14-7

but there was this Vayne on the other team calling me OP lol what. I get that Teemo is a little shit and no-one wants to vs AP Teemo or any Teemo that knows how to use his mushrooms but Teemo is in no way overpowering. 

I was like  ??????? I’m not OP and she kept crying and I was like whatever but literally she'd just walk into my mushrooms and die and be like “op!!!!”

and I’m like OH NO!?!?!??!?!? NO HEALTH ITEMS?!!?!? NO MAGIC RESIST?!!??! but I’m op…

and then she’s like you’re playing an OP champ

and I’m liek HOW THE FUCK IS TEEMO OP HE’S SQUISHY AS FUCK Teemo is pretty shit if you’re not fed like ???????? and she said learn to play a real champ (THEY HAD A TEEMO ON THEIR TEAM I AM LAUGHING SO HARD)


and I’m like, “Vayne I’m coming for you” because I was over that fucking twat and next team fight, she was running away on half health and I walked up and one shot her HAHADUIKJHGAAOHGHALAAEGOHKAG

it was such a bad game lol

OH OH AND THEN at the end of the game everyone was saying their gg’s and Vayne was like gg qq more Teemo

and I’m like QQ?!?!!?!?!? vanYE?!!?!?!? CRIES OVER DYING!?!?!? NO HEALYTH OR MR!?!?!?! QQ?!?!!?!?

She was the one fucking crying all game oh my god I am so done with some people

My build was really weird and basically it was to counter the other Teemo because he was annoying the fuck out of me

  • Sorcerers Shoes UPGRADE Furor
  • Liandry’s Torment
  • Deathfire Grasp
  • Morellonomicon
  • Abyssal Scepter
  • Will of the Ancient

like?????? but I had fun omg if we didn’t win I would have been mad

sall good